Rebecca’s Pet Care Services Policies


Job Sharing

We do get requests from new clients, as well as existing clients, to share the pet sitting assignment with their friends or family.  Due to liability issues, we do not accept assignments if there will be any other person helping out with your pets or home while you are away.  If you do have someone enter your home, be it a contractor working on your home or property, a family member, or friend, that is not employed by our company, we will not be held liable for anything that may happen to your home, your property, or your pets.


We do administer most oral medications.
We do not give insulin shots.
All medications must be in the original container and must have the original label.
All medications must not be expired.

Vaccinations & Illnesses

All pets must be up to date on their vaccinations.
Proof of vaccinations must be provided at the meet and greet.

It is required that you disclose if your pet has a contagious illness. Because we travel from one client to another throughout the day, we do not want to spread any illness to the other pets we visit.

Bookings, Cancellations and Early Returns

We have a cancellation policy to ensure that we can be available to other clients who need our services.  Our services continue rain or shine, and our schedules are planned carefully to accommodate clients who really need us.

Because we have booked your spot, and declined other bookings, fees are non-refundable for early returns and cancellations without proper notice.  Emergencies are always taken into consideration.

Early Returns and Cancellations:
Emergencies are always taken into consideration.
0 – 24 hour notice = No Refund – Full Payment Due

All payments are due in full by the first day of scheduled pet visits.

Minimum Number Of Visits Per Day

Cats must have a minimum of 1 visit per day. This is for the safety of the pet, and so that the litter box can be scooped/changed at least once per day, for the health of the pet.

Birds must have a minimum of 1 visit per day.  We must visit at least once per day to be sure your feathered family member is well.  We also want to make sure there is food and water on a daily basis.

Key Policy

We require TWO working keys.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  Keys must be provided at the Meet and Greet. We ask for two keys just in case we lose a key or break a key in the lock.  We want to always be able to get in to take care of your pets.  Keys will be coded so that the client’s identity is protected.  All keys will be returned to the client upon completion of the Pet Sitting Agreement unless the client has authorized Rebecca’s Pet Care Services to retain the keys for future use.

If you live in a gated community, you must provide a remote,  gate card, or access code.  We will not enter via leasing office, and we will not follow someone through the gate.

No keys will be hidden outside for us to pick up.
No keys will be mailed to us.
No keys will be locked in homes on the last visit, or hidden outside.  We will return the keys to you in person, or return to you by registered mail.

Emergency Contact & Your Return Home

We do require an emergency contact be given.

We do require that you contact us the day you return home so that we can end our pet sitting assignment. If you do not contact us, we will attempt to contact you. If we are unsuccessful, we will return to your home and resume pet sitting services.  Please know that we would never stop the visits to your home and caring for your beloved pets.  Your pets and your home are our number one concern!  We would continue to keep your pets, your home, and your property safe until appropriate arrangements have been made.


Pet food, paper towels, kitty litter, bags for solid waste disposal, towels, rug/carpet cleaners, disinfectant spray, etc, will be supplied by the client.

Start And Stop Times

All start and stop times are approximate.  Each pet is unique and deserves the best care possible.