5 Reasons Your Cat Will Love A Cat Sitter

Cats are pretty much creatures of habit. They prefer to dine at a specific time, to sleep in their favorite spots, and to play when they want to play. In most homes, cats rule with an iron paw. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but most families will do whatever it takes to ensure their cat’s happiness and good health.

That’s just one reason to hire a cat sitter when you have to head out of town for the weekend or on a long-awaited vacation.

Here are five reasons your cat will love a cat sitter:

Your cat will stay where they are happiest.

Plenty of facilities, including pet stores and veterinarians, board cats. But put yourself in your cat’s place before you choose that option. Your family takes you to an unfamiliar and even scary place – after all, few animals like going to the vet – where they plop loving kisses on you, only to say goodbye and leave you there. At a boarding facility, your cat may become anxious and afraid. Your cat will love a cat sitter because they will get to stay where they are most comfortable and most happy: At home.

Your cat will lap up the attention.

Sure, you lavish plenty of attention on your cat when you’re at home. Sometimes, however, there is so much going on that your cat doesn’t always get to enjoy being the sole focus. A cat sitter will focus solely on your cat and their needs, according to your instructions, during each cat sitting visit.

Your cat will remain safe.

Cats are curious by nature. By booking daily visits with a cat sitter, your cat will remain happy, healthy, and safe. If your cat becomes stuck behind a dresser, for example, your cat sitter will be the first to find out on their daily visit. If your cat begins exhibiting signs of illness, the cat sitter can take immediate action.

Your cat won’t be exposed to illness and/or disease.

Boarding your cat in a facility could expose them to illness and disease. Add to that the potential of mental stress. Remember, your cat will likely need time to transition to the facility then transition again when they return home. Your cat will absolutely love having a cat sitter because it means a stress-free experience.

You can relax.

If your cat could talk, they would probably want you to be just as happy as they are when they’re with their cat sitter. Knowing that your cat is being pampered by their cat sitter, able to adhere to their normal routine, and getting the attention they love, will allow you to enjoy your time away from home. And, if you miss your feline friend, you can contact your cat sitter. Some pet sitters even send out daily updates, either via email or text, to let clients know how their beloved pets are doing.

Why will your cat love a cat sitter?